For several months, The American University (AU) has been working diligently to migrate to a new domain name, changing from ( to ( The transition aims to enhance the university's online presence, improve brand recognition, and simplify communication and collaboration.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen propagation problems around the world, the domain name change has not yet been fully disseminated across all internet service providers (ISPs) and global name servers. As a result, some users may still encounter access issues or outdated name server information when attempting to access AU's website or online services.

Impact on Access

While efforts are being made to expedite the propagation process, certain users may experience sporadic disruptions or timeouts when connecting to Alternative methods of access, such as direct IP address resolution, may be necessary in some cases.

Technical Support and Communication

The AU IT team is closely monitoring the situation and actively working with ISPs and network administrators to resolve any remaining propagation issues. Regular updates will be provided on the AU website (, and the IT Help Desk is available to assist with any technical difficulties.

domain name has changed


To minimize disruptions, we strongly recommend that all AU affiliates update their bookmarks and shortcuts to the new domain name, By doing so, they will ensure seamless access to university resources and information.

domain name has changed

Verification of Graduate Certificates

Graduates holding certificates verified on the legacy website,, can now seamlessly validate their certificates' authenticity through the new verification platform at This advanced system ensures the integrity and authenticity of graduate certificates issued by our institution.

Accessing the New Verification Platform

To validate the certificate, visit the designated verification portal at Enter the certificate verification code and follow the prompts to access the certificate validation page. The new platform provides a secure environment for verifying the validity of certificates without compromising the integrity of the data.

domain name has changed
The American University remains steadfast in its commitment to providing an exceptional online learning and work environment for all.


We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional period. The American University is committed to providing reliable and accessible online services to its entire community.

online certificate verification system

Requesting a Digital PDF Certificate

In addition to verifying the certificate's authenticity, graduates can also request an official digital PDF copy of their certificate. To do so, please send an email to our Admissions Department at [email protected]. Upon submitting the required information, our team will process your request and provide you with a secure link to download the digital PDF certificate.

This digital PDF certificate is an official and tamper-proof representation of your academic achievement, providing employers, graduate schools, and other organizations with a convenient and verifiable way to confirm your credentials.