A verified certificate from THE A.U.  can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed your degree. Verified certificates require you to verify your identity using a certificate no. , so employers and schools know that you completed the degree syllabus, or curriculum. So this page allows you to verify the authenticity of the certificate issued in THE A.U. Please fill out the form accurately with the data that appears on your certificate.
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THE A.U. VERIFY is a digital platform that enables instant verification of your “Digital Trusted Document”.
It verifies the authenticity, integrity, and validity of the document from the official office of the registrar.

Online Degrees

THE A.U. provides high-quality, accessible, affordable, innovative, educational programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing advancement in their lives, professions, and communities.

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There when you need us. We commit daily to student success with a full suite of virtual resources and knowledgeable advisors.



School your way. We make college accessible to working adults, helping them balance life’s many responsibilities.



Expect more. We provide tools for students to get the most out of their education – without increasing overall cost.



Expert faculty and relevant curriculum. We strive to create a consistent and engaging classroom experience.

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University Designed for You

Our goal is to stand out from the competition by providing you with a path to success that is completely unique from traditional universities. Our convenient online format, flexible class schedules, and relevant degree programs have made higher education accessible to the busy adult looking to find their own path to achieving their goals.

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Find Your Path

Whether you dream of working in the corner office or engaging the next generation of trailblazers, you’ll find an online degree program at THE A.U. that fits your goals.

The A.U. Reviews

Enrollment was painless and super easy, and the structure of the classes facilitate working parents and working adults. So, it's been a really great experience.

Pratibha M.

Enterprise Engineer

I graduated in June with my master's from The American University. Everyone was very welcoming, and they've been super helpful. My guidance counselor was awesome too. It's been absolutely wonderful.

Mohammad A.

Digital Specialist Engineer

I've had a good experience with The American University. I like that the classes are five weeks instead of eight. I'm attending Project Management and I'm going to finish my degree in October. I've always had good communication with the instructors and anytime I had any issues, I was able to get those resolved.

Maria Carla G.

Business Development Representative

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 Why THE A.U. ?

You have what it takes to reach your fullest potential, and THE A.U. can help make your dreams possible. At THE A.U. , you’ll receive a quality educational experience thanks to our convenient online format, flexible class schedules, and relevant degree programs that have made continuing education accessible to a wide range of students who don’t fit the mold of a “typical college student.”

All your online classes will be taught by expert faculty with real-world experience in their respective fields, and you can take advantage of features like our online Honors Program that recognizes high-achieving bachelor’s degree students and reap the benefits of our unique partnership with ACISC™ that created the School of Business.

It’s time to make a positive change in your life. Your future begins at THE A.U.

THE A.U. is all about making education accessible to adults to help them achieve their educational goals. THE A.U. provides adult learners with the flexibility, support, and a community to achieve the goals that will help them reach their fullest potential. Our faculty bring rich, diverse expertise from their respective professions – and combined with a relevant, student-centered curriculum – drive student success. Our flexible and convenient online platform coupled with a full suite of resources provides adult learners the ability to balance school and life while pursuing their dreams. Students are here for a better tomorrow.


Your Success is Our Success

Admission Process

There’s no fee to apply, and the admissions process is fast and simple. Once you have submitted your application, an advisor will walk you through the follow-up steps you need to begin your journey.

 Your Future Starts Here


Our Mission

To provide a community of caring and guidance for academic, financial, mental health, and career support while providing a path that makes quality college education accessible to adult learners through online, flexible degree and certificate programs.


Our Purpose

To transform the higher education landscape and make it accessible for everyone, no matter their background or circumstance.


Our Vision

We strive to: Empower, support, enrich, and graduate every student.



Inclusion and mutual respect. We learn from one another and commit to the advancement of an inclusive culture in which every individual is treated with dignity and fairness.

Who We Are 
Transforming College Education at THE A.U.

You don’t have to decide your degree program immediately. THE A.U. Enrollment Services Advisor will help you find the right program based on your goals. Although you must select a program during the application, you can start taking general education courses that are common requirements across most undergraduate programs, and if your area of interest evolves over time, your advising team can assist you with changing your selected degree.

Frequently asked questions

1How do I choose the right degree for me?

It’s important that you first establish some goals that you want to achieve through a college education. Once you have these goals established, you’ll have a better idea of how an online college degree can fit into your life. For example, you may want to eventually work with people rather than working in an individual working environment. A degree in psychology, sociology, or even early childhood education can all be viable options for this type of goal.

2How do I choose the right degree for me?

Global Campus is an online university that provides a learning platform that is completely online to all its students. All of your courses take place in this online platform, and it is an asynchronous environment, which means you will have the ability to log in any time of the day. You also typically take one class at a time. This online learning platform is designed to provide convenience, as you will be able to communicate with fellow students and instructors, read assigned coursework, and submit assignments all through the online learning platform.

3How long does it take to complete a degree?

Those who enroll in a bachelor’s degree program and have zero existing credits and stay enrolled can typically expect to finish their online college degree in about four years. If you have attended a university or college previously, then you may have credits that you can transfer. By transferring approved credits, you are often able to graduate in a shorter time frame. There are also ways to accelerate your completion and flexible learning solutions at Global Campus if you desire more flexibility in scheduling.

4What is the class schedule like? Can I complete classes while working?

Global Campus allows you the flexibility to create your own study schedule in order to complete your online coursework. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar university classrooms, online degree programs at Global Campus can provide you with a flexible online learning format. Many of our students also work full-time jobs and have family obligations, so having an online working environment gives them the opportunity to keep going with their current responsibilities. From working on assignments around your existing work schedule to the on-the-go learning opportunities, the online flexibility that comes from a Global Campus degree can help you take the next step in your education.

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An online bachelor’s degree from THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Global Campus can be a great catalyst to a new career and a new life. An increasing number of job opportunities require at least some college experience. You may open up a new world of employment opportunities by pursuing your bachelor’s degree online. Choose from a diverse amount of online degree programs available at THE A.U.

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