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bba 2201
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  1. Describe the states of matter, their properties, and the effect of chemical measurements on chemical calculations.

  2. Utilize the correct units of measurement in calculations to represent mass, length, temperature, volume, density, and energy.

  3. Analyze Dalton’s atomic theory with respect to the structure of the atom.

  4. Describe the organization of the periodic table, and compare and contrast properties of the main group elements.

  5. Relate the properties of the transition elements to the formation of coordination compounds.

  6. Solve chemical problems relating to stoichiometry, and differentiate between various types of chemical reactions.

  7. Summarize the applications of various gas laws and the kinetic molecular theory.

  8. Analyze the various theories of chemical bonding, and compare and contrast ionic and covalent bonds.

  9. Determine the orbital configuration for each element and describe the use of electron configurations to explain the internal energy of an element.

  10. Name chemical compounds, write chemical formulas, and balance chemical equations.

  11. Define and determine the implications of the first law of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of energy.

  12. Calculate the concentration of a solution using molarity, mole fraction, and mass percent.

  13. Apply the laws of thermodynamics to evaluate reaction heat changes qualitatively and quantitatively.

  14. Derive and discuss the three-dimensional structure of simple molecules.

bba 2201


  1. MAT 1302


Chemistry: The central science (Rev: 12th ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2012)
Author: Brown, T. L., LeMay, H. E. Jr., Bursten, B. E., Murphy, C. J., & Woodward, P. M.
ISBN: 9781256923633

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