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FIR 2301: Principles of Fire and Emergency Services

bba 2201
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  1. Illustrate the history and culture of the fire service.
  2. Analyze the basic components of fire as a chemical chain reaction, the major phases of fire, and examine the main factors that influence fire spread and fire behavior.
  3. Differentiate between fire service training and education.
  4. Explain the value of higher education to the professionalization for the fire service.
  5. Describe the major organizations that provide emergency response service.
  6. Identify fire protection and emergency-service careers in both the public and private sector.
  7. Define the role of national, state and local support organizations in fire and emergency services.
  8. Discuss the scope, purpose, and organizational structure of fire and emergency services.
  9. Describe the common type of fire and emergency service facilities, equipment, and apparatus.
  10. Compare and contrast effective management concepts for various emergency situations.
  11. Identify the primary responsibilities of fire prevention personnel including, code enforcement, public information, and public and private protection systems.
  12. Recognize the components of career preparation and goal setting.
  13. Describe the importance of wellness and fitness as it relates to emergency services.
bba 2201




Fundamentals of fire and emergency services (Rev: 2)

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Loyd, J. B., & Richardson, J. D.
ISBN: 978-0-13-341923-8
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