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MAR 2251: Internet Marketing Principles

bba 2201
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  1. Summarize the background, current state, and future potential of e-marketing.
  2. Explain the importance of strategic planning in achieving a company’s objectives.
  3. Summarize the seven steps in the e-marketing planning process.
  4. Discuss the global differences in Internet access and usage, as a foundation for segmenting and targeting specific markets.
  5. Describe the ethical and legal issues that e-businesses face in marketing online.
  6. Discuss why and how e-marketers turn e-marketing into marketing knowledge.
  7. Summarize the online consumer population; how behavior occurs; their characteristics and resources; and outcomes of their online exchange process.
  8. Explain various bases for market segmentation, as well as the classifications and characteristics of e-marketing segments.
  9. Describe how and why e-marketers use differentiation and positioning.
  10. Analyze the online benefits branding, support services and labeling bring to the development of consumer and business products.
  11. Explain how Internet technology is influencing pricing strategies.
  12. Discuss the Internet as a distribution channel and analyze the functions the online channel members perform.
  13. Describe the efficient and effective use of the Internet as a tool in the exchange of marketing communication messages between marketers and their audiences.
  14. Summarize the purpose and process of building a company’s relationship capital through customer relationship management.
bba 2201




E-marketing (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Routledge (2014)
Author: Strauss, J., & Frost, R.
ISBN: 978-0132953443
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