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MBA 6931: Project Management Strategy and Tactics

bba 2201
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  1. Summarize common project management concepts, phases of the project life cycle, and project life cycle models.
  2. Describe the key concepts related to economic analysis and life-cycle costing in project management.
  3. Apply various techniques and models to the project screening and selection process.
  4. Describe important issues related to project scope, organizational structure, and project structure.
  5. Summarize valuable principles related to effective product, system, and project design.
  6. Apply productive project scheduling techniques and efficient resource management procedures.
  7. Describe key concepts in budget preparation and management as well as in project control, and project termination.
  8. Summarize the research and development (R&D) planning process and risk factors.
  9. Identify technology types in the R&D environment and related uncertainties.
  10. Evaluate the selection and use of software systems in the project management environment.
bba 2201


  1. EH 1020


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